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Guidelines for long term students

Short term students check Retreats page.

1. We welcome those who are patient, self-controlled, emotionally mature, and dedicated. Those who are a possible danger to others, like people with sickness or infectious diseases, and those with abnormal personalities or physiology, may not come here.

2. Women who are pregnant must not do this practice, anyone who has had internal organ (torso) surgery within the last five years must not do this practice, and anyone who has ever had heart or brain surgery must not do this practice.

3. Tourist visas are for ninety or one hundred eighty days each year (almost three or six months), so it is best to plan on at least three months.

4. You should read the book "The Magus of Seattle" to learn what this is all about. To get the fastest start learn the beginning level from this video before arriving. Tien Shan Chi kung - Level 1

In other words:

The training is true Nei Kung, for those who wish to become masters, it is not for curious beginners.

New students can stay in Vilcabamba and take the bus here for classes. This is because it can be too much of a shock for most to switch from living in civilization to living like a hermit in a hut on a remote mountainside, with no internet. In town you can rent a nice little apartment with internet, with or without kitchen, and get whatever food you wish. This can cost less than staying here in semi camping conditions, and being at the mercy of our cook. Vilcabamba also allows socializing with people from all over the world who come to Vilcabamba as tourists and who live here.

Accommodations here consist of some "A" frame huts, which are like big tents. All are with metal roofs, wood sides, and dirt floors. They are in a place we call Indian Village, because the Ince were the previous residents. There is no electricity there, so it is a little like camping. Be prepared for rough high altitude mountain conditions.

Long term students can pick a spot and build a small cabin or semi permanent camp to live in if they wish, which will reduce the cost of stying here.

Some of my Teachers


Students must have good hearts and internal self honesty, immature people will quickly dislike the path. The better physical and emotional condition a person is in when they start the more chi power and longevity they will be able to cultivate.

This place is not for sick people, it is for healthy people to cultivate super health and healing abilities. If you want healing then many medical qigongs will be closer to you and more direct. The ideal student, therefore, is someone who is mature and in good physical condition. If a person has been a student of the Taoist internal arts for a long time then that is so much the better.

Instruction in the foundational principles of tai chi, including variations and fighting applications, can be included for those who already know tai chi.

The subtle and effective self defense system, named Yueng Chuan, after Bruce Lee's main kung fu teacher, may be taught to those interested in self defense.

Finances and duration:

After three months a person will notice changes in themselves, and after six months the changes can be quite profound; so plan on coming for around six months. The minimum charge here is for one month, not refundable if you leave early.

A person who wants to master the path should plan on spending around eight years learning it, because it takes that long to be given the hundreds of keys to the system. After that the student needs to practice at home for years to see if they can figure out how to use the keys, and it is good to teach during this time. After around three decades it is possible to really 'get' it and become a powerful master of health and longevity.

Volunteering. Volunteers pay less by working on the farm. 20 hours a week reduces the cost by $200 a month. Credited at $2.50/hr, which is what strong local field workers get for hard and fast physical work.

Make Reservation

Also living here is a master chef, certified raw food educator and nutrition expert. So even here, far from civilization, you get to eat delicious meals. Nutrition

No alcohol drinking or cigarette smoking here, you can go to Vilcabamba for that.

The center house / temple is built with its back buried into the mountainside, feeling like a cave, and imitating, in a way, the high mineral density of the crystal laden practice caves of the ancient sages of China.

Only a few people can be here at any one time in order not to change the natural wild energy of the place.

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