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Tien Shan Chi Kung, a Taoist spiritual path of the warrior and super health practice. It is a system that contains thousands of techniques which build on each other so it takes several years to learn it well and embark on the road to mastery in chi kung.

Tien Shan Chi Kung is Nei Kung

~ From a lineage of Dragons ~

This is a rare opportunity for you to learn a high level qigong, for those with the goal of becoming enlightened masters and teachers.

Just so you can get an appreciation for what a fast path is, I had my enlightenment experience after only five years doing this chi kung.

"If you do this Chi Kung for three months you will notice changes in yourself. If you do this Chi Kung for six months the changes can be quite profound. "If you do this chi kung for ten years you will be able to look inside another person's body and see where his sicknesses are." ~ Master Yueng

Tien Shan Chi Kung

The tradition of Taoist internal alchemy recognizes nature and the universality of all human life, and is aware of that which flows naturally between the two parts:

1. The principle of Nei Kung is to know the foundations of peace.

2. To study is the path to bravery.

DO NOT do this chi kung if you are pregnant, if you have had internal organ (torso) surgery within the last five years or if you have ever had heart or brain surgery.

DO NOT do this chi kung if you are practicing any other kind of chi kung which requires special breathing, breath holding, or pressurizing techniques.

DO NOT do this chi kung if you do any other kind of chi kung which uses mind techniques for moving energy or has any type of visualization techniques.

I met my chi kung master, Fook Yueng, over twenty five years ago. Mister Yueng was a member of secret group of five of the world's most powerful/advanced Chi Kung masters from China. From him I learned Tien Shan Chi Kung for eight years, taught as a full system of Taoist internal alchemy. Fook Yueng was truly one in a million, He was in a class completely above the other masters and grand masters I've known and studied with. He was a powerful healer with healing abilities bordering on the miraculous, he had a bright energy that sparkled, his joy was contagious, and his psychic abilities and vast chi power were amazing. He was a true Taoist wizard. He was one of China's more advanced martial artists, uncle, teacher and mentor to Bruce Lee. To learn more about Mr. Yueng and his connection with Bruce Lee visit this link - Mr. Yueng

Mr. Yueng only taught a few people, three to five at a time, in his garage, and doing so he created several other masterpieces ...

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"I feel like I stayed in the valley of dragons. You can learn quite a lot in a pure setting if you are into energy practices or martial arts; and the pets are the sweetest ever, especially Teddy" ~Kanwardeep
"I was amazed to feel such a difference in such a short time, It's rare to find someone who want's to openly share this incredible body of knowledge to anybody willing to put in the effort." ~Nico
"I could feel myself becoming more relaxed and more attentive and aware. It is a very compelling place and I did not ever want to leave the beaurty, we got to accompany our hosts to town and to market, and to make field trips to the waterfalls and the cloud forest, but I didn't feel the need to go anywhere.. There were trails to hike, and dogs, cats, and horses to play with. The landscape was very conducive to just being" ~Jody
"The qigong was just amazing, I felt my aura twice the usual size, I woke up feeling my ethreric energy vital and stronger, like about eight years ago. First day really profound insights, concsiousness held deep in the body. i found it astonishing that one lesson has done so much for me. Where is the magic? Why what you showed me is so powerful?" ~Olga

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