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Executive Revitalizing & Grounding Retreat

Only one person, or two if traveling together, can come for the executive retreat at any one time so that we can focus on providing the kind of stay that you are hoping for.

For your executive retreat you will stay in a delightful rustic one room wood cabin near to the Center and near to a bathroom with a flush toilet.

You will have access to the training room at all times and treated to nice gourmet meals prepared by our master chef. We can customize meals to your preferences.

Make a Reservation

Single Person

5 Day Retreat - $300

7 Day Retreat - $400

10 Day Retreat - $550

2 people - Double Occupancy

5 Day Retreat - $250 each

7 Day Retreat - $350 each

10 Day Retreat - $500 each


6AM - Tea/coffee time & fruit snack (optional) (silent)

7:30AM - Chi kung & standing meditation (silent)

9AM - Breakfast (silent)

9AM - free time* (silent)

1PM - Lunch

1:30PM - Siesta time

3PM - Discussion & philosophy (optional)

4PM - Chi kung (or Tai Chi*) & sitting meditation

6PM - Dinner

Sundays have morning practice only, the rest of the day is free time.

*Free time - solo practice, horse riding, meditation, hiking, gardening, etc.

*Tai Chi - if there are tai chi students.