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Self Defense Training at Tien Shan Hermitage

The self defense that we can practice here is called Yueng Chuan, or Fook Yueng Chuan. It was named after Mr. Yueng, my chi kung teacher, who was also Bruce Lee's inspiration and main kung fu teacher. As far as I know it is one of the very few martial arts actually named after a person. Mr. Yueng was in the Chinese opera and played the part of the Monkey King, who was the star of that opera. He mastered Red boat Wing Chun at an early age and went on to learn over a hundred martial arts before he left China. To learn more about Mr. Yueng and his involvement with Bruce Lee and his martial arts training please check this page Mr. Yueng. When I asked him who some of his teachers were he told me "All the kung fu masters in China", and that they liked him because he was a good looking young man and smart.

Many martial arts that are taught these days fall under the category of sports, where their main focus is on competitions. They don't really want to hurt their friends in school while practicing, and there are many rules used in class and in the competition ring. These rules are designed to prevent very serious injury or death. In addition these types pf martial arts teach what is called fighting mind, which is required for a person to stand toe to toe with another and trade punches. The few serious arts for self defense break all the rules and are designed to keep you from entering into a sparring match, they are created to end a fight very quickly, and by breaking all the rules. For example, in the ring and in the sporting arts you are not allowed to nor trained to do such things as neck breaks, elbow break, back breaks, blinding, head smashing, and that kind of thing; and yet those are just the kinds of things that you train to do in the serious self defense situations. This type of martial art is based on the assassins arts, and it is used only in serious life and death situations, in situations where you first try to do everything possible to avoid a confrontation.

Mr. Yueng said that a fight should only last one second, and when it's over the attacker should not be able to get up right away, or ever. Bruce Lee knew how to do this, but as is common with these arts, we do not want to share our methods with the public, and they do not play well in the movies. These arts are taught only to people with the highest ethical standards who are non violent. Egotisitcal, argumentative, or violent people are never trained in these ways.

Mr. Yueng did not teach me kung fu, only chi kung, and I practiced that for a couple of decades before learning the kung fu. Mr. Yueng had a couple of other students who he trained in kung fu who lived in Seattle, and I spent some time with them to learn these ways; the main one was Dave Harris (see teachers list below) and I would say that Dave was probably better than Bruce, mainly because he had many more decades to practice and refine his art. I did not spend a lot of time with them and I'm not a master of kung fu, however I learned the basic methods and the philosophy very well and I am able to share this way of fighting with the right kind of person.

This type of self defense is actualy very soft and yielding and it does not require strength. These types of methods were developed partly by and for older men and women and rely on senstivity, intelligence, and many tricks designed to take advantage of the natural instincts of fighters

~ From a lineage of Dragons ~

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