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A Possibility of Mastery

A lot of the Chi Kung types taught today are relatively simple and are quite effective for improving health. There are the simpler forms of medical Chi Kung and then there are the more involved Shaolin type systems that focus on developing chi power and then spiritual cultivation using this power, and Tien Shan Chi Kung is one of the latter. It is said that the most powerful Taoist systems contain ten thousand techniques. These Nei Kung systems were not offered to the public until this generation.

If you practice any simple form of Chi Kung consisting of a set of a few exercises for long enough you can say you have mastered it, but to really master chi kung you need to explore at least one of the full and rich Nei Kung systems, one of the ones that are said to have ten thousand techniques, and in most cases it is good to also learn some of the related arts, like tai chi and/or medical chi kung, in order to get a broader perspective.

This system is a rare gift from a most powerful Chi Kung master, my teacher, to you, as per his wish. A system of Internal Alchemy, it can take you to the mountain top.

You have a chance to learn many methods of practice and you will be able to experience the joy of discovering many more on your own. It's a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery.  You'll probably end up living longer so the time you spend practicing is like free time in a way. You will be given the tools that you need to do the research and to discover all the myriad of benefits. Whether or not you become a master depends on your intuition, creativity, curiosity, your understanding of the basics, and on your willingness to meditate.

It takes mistakes and lessons you learn on your own. How each person developes depends on which of the techniques they like to focus on the most. If you are not concerned about being a master, and no one should be really, you will find the practice will supercharge your health anyway.  This page was written for those who are looking for a "complete" system.

A true spiritual path of the warrior is a rare, fast, and therefore more challenging, path to enlightenment.

The following chart is an aproximate timeline for progress one would normally expect. Actual results vary greatly depending on how much one practices, how many detours they take, and their age and health when they start.