Tien Shan

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To Make Your Reservation

Fill out Student Information and send it via email. Students who plan on staying in Vilcabamba do not need to send a deposit. Practice here is $10 per class for those who stay in town and commute. Two to three times a week is recommended.

If you wish to stay here we will let you know if there is space availaible. If there is space available pay your $200 non refundable deposit to Paypal account of Steve Gray.

If you don't have a Paypal account let us know and a Paypal request will be sent you. You can pay with credit card.

Balance can be payed before you travel or when you arrive here. We don't accept credit cards here so you can pay the balance in the same way you payed the deposit.

Long term students

First Month - $500

Continuing - $400 a month

Retreat students

Per day - $60

Five days minimum