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~ From a lineage of dragons ~

Tien Shan Chi Kung is Nei Kung, a Taoist spiritual path of the warrior

This page is for groups of friends who want to spend a brief time here. For serious long term students, please check out the 'About' page.

This is a Taoist hermitage. We are dedicated to the Taoist practice of nei kung in all its various forms. Nei kung is the spiritual path of the warrior, and the training is like a milder version of being in an army boot camp. People who come here should be strong and healthy and looking forward to getting some strenuous, yet exotic, rare, and powerful energy, exercise, and meditations. Women who are pregnant must not do this practice, anyone who has had internal organ (torso) surgery within the last five years must not do this practice, and anyone who has ever had heart or brain surgery must not do this practice. People who will get the most benefit are those who have already been on the Taoist internal arts path, because they will be able to really appreciate the rarity and power of Tien Shan Chi Kung.

Five people minimum, ten people maximum may come for a retreat.

Retreats should be organized by an organizer who knows and invites the people who are coming. We must know the organizer first, in person or via skype. The organizer can get a discount on a sliding scale, depending on how many people they bring. The group can decide when to start and how many days to stay.

Accommodations are in small one room eco friendly cabins which are down the side of the mountain, in a place we call Indian Village, because the last people who lived there were the Incas. This is a remote and rugged place, far from civilization and close to nature. Going from the Main house to the cabins requires walking on a trail for five minutes. Sometimes it is dark and stormy, and at other times there is blazing hot sun. You need to be prepared for a mountain style backpacking trip. There is no electricity in the Indian Village. Supplies to Bring

We offer a beautiful natural place for people to unwind, we have the purest air, water, and food in the world. Visitors who are sensitive to energy are often impressed on the cleanness and sparkle of the energy here, near the top of the Andes mountain chain.

We have three cats, three German Shepherds, a family of ducks, four horses, and a saddle. Only for experienced horse riders, there are no horse riding babysitters here, and the horse does not like inexperienced riders.

The last evening there will be a dance party with fire and music.

Your visit includes a couple of raw food classes, including how to make fantastic chocolate raw vegan deserts.

Your visit includes a trip up to the nearby continental divide, with it's exotic landscape and rare vegetation. It is located in the Podacarpus National Park, which has more biodiversity than any other place on Earth.

Cost for the ten day retreat is $700.

Cost for retreats organized by others is $70 per day, five day minimum. Five people minimum, and ten people maximum may attend. Organizer should check availability for their date of choice before proceeding

The best weather is in November, December, January, and February. November is usually very dry, and it rains more each month after that.

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