Taoist Hermitage - Ecuador

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In the wilderness near the crest of the Andes Mountain Range

Ofrecemos clases a los que conducen aquí. Estamos a una hora al sur de Loja, Ecuador. Español

tien shan chi kung

tien shan chi kung

tien shan chi kung

tien shan chi kung

Executive Retreat

5 Day - $300

7 Day - $400

10 Day - $550

Long Term Stay

First month - $500

Second mo. - $450

Third mo. - $400

tien shan chi kung

Make a Reservation

Only a few visitors are allowed in order to not change the natural wild energy of the place.


6AM - Tea/coffee time & fruit snack (optional) (silent)

7:00AM - Chi kung

8:30AM - Breakfast (optional)

9:00AM - free time*

1PM - Lunch

1:30PM - Siesta time

3PM - Discussion & philosophy (optional)

4PM - Chi kung (or Tai Chi*) & sitting meditation

5PM - Dinner

Sundays have morning practice only, the rest of the day is free time.

*Free time - solo practice, horse riding, meditation, hiking, gardening, etc.

*Tai Chi - if there are tai chi students.