Taoist Hermitage - Ecuador

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Long Term Student Extended Stay

Long term students will stay in a delightful rustic "A" frame wood cabin which is in a beautiful forested area a five minute walk down the side of the mountain. We call it Inca Village because the last people that lived there were the Incas. There is a dry composting toilet nearby.

There is a kitchen in the Inca Village so that you can prepare tea or coffee for yourself and make your breakfast and dinner with food that we provide for you. Lunch, prepared by our master chef in residence, is social time at the Center.

Make a Reservation

First month - $500

Second month - $450

Third month - $400

Continuing - $400/mo


6AM - Tea/coffee time & fruit snack (optional) (silent)

7:30AM - Chi kung & standing meditation (silent)

9AM - Breakfast (silent)

9AM - free time* (silent)

1PM - Lunch

1:30PM - Siesta time

3PM - Discussion & philosophy (optional)

4PM - Chi kung (or Tai Chi*) & sitting meditation

6PM - Dinner

Sundays have morning practice only, the rest of the day is free time.

*Free time - solo practice, horse riding, meditation, hiking, gardening, etc.

*Tai Chi - if there are tai chi students.