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How to Clean Your Arteries

The information here is moslty via videos which are brief, to the point, informative, and easy to learn from. Videos that take a long time to get to the point, have limited and weak information, and are vague and rambling are not included.

The first part will discuss the kinds of diets that are needed to prevent arterial plaque or slowly remove it. The second part includes the additional nutrients needed for those who are in a more serious and urgent situation.

Diet, Foods, and Nutrients

Video: Excellent: What Really Causes Plaque in Arteries 6:26

Video: Protocol to Remove Calcified Plaque in Your Arteries 6:11

Video: Use Potassium to Control Vascular Calcification 3:47

Video: Fasting: The Failsafe & Fast Cure 1:17

High Power Artery Cleaners

Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Lumbrokinase, all have powerful arterial clot and plaque dissolving properties. They also are beneficial to health in many other ways.

Video: Natural powerful clot & plaque dissolvers 4:54

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