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Nei Kung - Neigong

Detailed description of original real nei kung.

Video Description of Real Nei Kung - by Steve Gray

Video Description of Real Nei Kung - by The Way of Chi

Taoism is a warrior tradition, and the original spiritual path of the warrior, which is hidden from the public due to its power, is nei kung. Real nei kung systems are holistic systems which address all areas of cultivation. They are for cultivating super health and longevity, greater intelligence and compassion, great physical prowess, powerful fighting and healing abilities, spiritual growth, and strong psychic abilities. It is also the Taoist path of the immortal, (ascended master).

It is important to know that the real original nei kung systems contained thousands of techniques and took decades of practice to master. Nei kung is the mother of chi kung. Chi kung consists of small sets of exercises taken out of the vast nei kung systems, and chi kung does not include any of the powerful chi and spiritual cultivation methods. A nei kung adept will be aware of all the chi kung techniques, but chi kung adepts will not know many of the nei kung methods nor understand the important basics of energy cultivation the way nei kung adepts do.

Chi kung came about to serve a growing population of people who wanted to improve their health but did not want to dedicate their lives to it, which is perfectly fine. Real nei kung is actually too powerful for sick people to do, because when the sick energy comes out it causes a healing crisis which can kill them. Anything that is powerful is inherently dangerous, so must be approached with caution. Nei kung is best for people who are already healthy who want to become super healthy and cultivate power.

True systems of power are never given to the public, by any tradition, ever.

The definition of nei kung has changed drastically in the present. The problem with it has mostly to do with greed and ignorance. There are many books and videos these days which claim to teach nei kung, but that is impossible. Nei kung exercises can be very complex, so complex they can not possibly be described verbally, they can only be learned by observing very carefully. Some exercises are simpler, but still, it would take a chapter or two in a book to describe one of them in complete detail, and since there are thousands of techniques it would take thousands of chapters to cover a whole system. It is similar with videos, a video can only demonstrate a few techniques, and small sets of exercises are, by definition, chi kung and not nei kung. Nei kung means the entire system of thousands of techniques, which all work together and build on each other. So these people are selling chi kung and calling it nei kung, and I call it wimpy chi kung because these marketers are unaware of the powerful methods.

A person Evolving from the maelstrom of life.

Why has this happened? There are a few reasons: The Chinese like to hide things and only teach beginning level methods to outer door students and the general public, they reserve the more powerful stuff for a few inner door students, often just their children or close relatives. Another reason is for money, obviously. and the third reason is because the Chinese communist Red Brigade went around China and imprisoning, torturing, and killing all of the masters, or 99.9% of them. They exterminated their own spiritual heritage, which is common during communist takeovers. What is left in China are mostly amateurs, the honorable ones tried to fill in the giant gaps of knowledge with their wild imaginings, and the dis-honorable ones simply lied about it to make money. Some methods of power are known, but their incomplete knowledge makes it dangerous and many of them die young. Then there are the students of these masters, who may be sincere, but they have been misled, and so are sharing lies without knowing it.

Therefore seekers who go to China looking for the real thing will not find it. It is almost impossible to find the real thing anyway, but it can be found in the West, where a handful of the advanced masters escaped to. They have all passed away by now, and their advanced students are getting old.

There is another reason for the blossoming popularity of fake nei kung, which is the advent of internet videos. The video students may say they are learning nei kung, but they do not want to leave their living room. They may think they are dedicated, but they are confused, because they have been lied to. Other students go to classes taught by someone who claims to teach nei kung. Some teach kung fu and call it nei kung, some teach sitting around with your finger in your nose visualizing things, and some teach a few wimpy chi kung exercises and call it nei kung. Some masters really do know some of the techniques, but they should not call it nei kung because they are only teaching bits and pieces. Possibly they have a couple of inner door students learning their entire system, I do not know, and you will not find out either.

Remember what real nei kung is. Real nei kung is the spiritual path of the warrior, which at its most advanced levels became the Taoist path of the wizard. It is for cultivating super health and longevity, greater intelligence and compassion, great physical prowess, powerful fighting and healing abilities, spiritual growth, enlightenment, and strong psychic abilities. It is also the Taoist path of the immortal. To learn this requires at least a decade of hard physical exercise and physically and mentally demanding meditation, a lot of it. It is like getting the keys to the system, then with years of practice, you begin to learn how to use those keys to unlock the deeper methods of power which were hinted at but left for you to see. With experience you begin to see those things, and you realize why such things are not shared with the public, not sold in videos and not contained in books.

So realize, the Tao that can be sold is not the entire Tao.

I have written a book which describes the training in great detail, taught by the secretive nei kung master who was Bruce Lees unknown main kung fu teacher, who lived in Seattle. The book is titled ~ A Lineage of Dragons ~ It describes the people, the training, and the results, but it has few techniques, obviously.

May the Force be with you.

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