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Individual Training

You can get individual training, which will be tailored to you personally. The individual one on one meeting allows me to observe you carefully and offer important feedback. Cost is $60 for the personal training, which is normally one hour. Each meeting consists of instruction, moving practice, meditation, feedback, plus question and answer time. You will also get a personal recording of the training, just for you.

Class time can be at whatever time you want, just arrange it with me via email.

You can also get individual training, tailored to you, in some of the lesser known aspects of tai chi, either Yang style or Chen style, and self defence applications, in order to take your practice to the next level. Of course this includes feedback plus questions and answers, which is a hallmark of tai chi training. We can also practice medical chi kung if that is what you want.


Consultations, on whatever topic you wish to ask questions about are $25 for a half hour and $50 for an hour. Contact me via email to set up a time.

Contact me via email to arrange a time, and make your payment using the "Pay Now" button.

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