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How to protect yourself from the Prick

It appears that the big problem with the prick is that it causes blood clots which travel to different parts of the body and cause different organs to be damaged or to fail.

Therefore if you feel that you must get the pricks even though you do not want to, due to the Nazi like atmosphere surfacing all over the world, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself, to help protect youself, from being damaged.

Since the main problem appears to be blood clotting you need to do two things, one is to clear all the clots and plaque out of your arteries, so that there is nothing there to form blood clots, and the second is to pile on the blood thinners during and after the pricks. There are two types of blood thinners, anti-platelet, and anti-cogulant. The anticoagulants are much more effective and safer. It may be that the spike proteins will create blood clots even if your arteries are squeeky clean, so blood thinners are advised.

Pine needle tea shows great promise in protecting your lungs from the spike proteins caused by the virus itself, and from those generated as a result of the Prick.

The main thing that causes plaque in the arteries is insulin resistance, which is a prediabetic condition. Anyone who is the least bit overweight IS pre-diabetic, however even diabetics can reverse their condition and cure it with the correct eating styles. Even people who are slender, but have eaten much in the way of starches during their lives, will probably have some degree of insulin resistance.

Some foods and eating styles reduce insulin resistance, but most modern foods and eating styles encourage insulin resistance.

The best way to improve the condition with lifestyle is by eating ketogenic along with intermittent fasting, but that is a slow process, slow and steady. Doing absolute fasting, not eating for days at a time, will make it faster.

In addition, there are some nutrients you can take which will dissolve arterial plaque and blood clots much faster but in steady and safe manner. The main ones are Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Lumbrokinase.

There are reports that there is graphene oxide in the pricks. Evidently the problems caused by graphene oxide, is that it results in a general inflammatory condition, and of course in the arteries, which is additional cause of blood clotting. There are many anti-inflammatory nutrients available, and in general those are the antioxidants.

Detailed explanations of all the above are in the links below.

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