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My teachers - partial list

Fook Yueng - Master Fook Yueng was one of a private group of five of the most powerful/advanced Chinese Chi Kung masters. From him I learned Tien Shan Chi Kung for eight years, taught as a full system of Taoist internal alchemy. Fook Yueng was truly one in a million, he was one of the world's most advanced martial artists, uncle to and main teacher of Bruce Lee, and a powerful healer and true Taoist wizard. He had a bright energy that sparkled, and his joy was contagious. His psychic abilities and vast chi power were amazing. He was able to speak to me via telepathy and in my dreams. If you would like to learn more about Mr. Yueng, his teachings, and his connection with Bruce Lee you can read the details in the book A Lineage of Dragons.
Dave Harris - Master Dave Harris was one of the most advanced martial artists in the world, which just lost one of the best. He taught me internal arts fighting applications, a martial art called Yueng Chuan, which he named after my chi kung teacher. Combining the best of over a hundred martial arts, it is the most brilliantly internal art, and looks somewhat like Russian Systema.
Gao Fu - Master Gao Fu was an official national living treasure of China and had mastered the internal aspects of the arts to a very high degree. From her I learned Chen Style Tai Chi and Hunyuan Chi Kung.
Andrew Dale - Master Andy Dale knows so many different forms of internal martial art and chi kung that he is said to be an encyclopedia of forms. He taught me Yang Tai Chi, Omei Chi Kung, Tai chi Broadsword, Bagua Chi Kung, and push hands.
Tchoung Ta Tchen - Grand Master Tchoung Ta Tchen was one of the top Tai Chi masters in the world and was also a general in the chinese army. I went to some of his classes and was very lucky to be able to go to his home in Vancouver, Canada quite a few times for lessons in Tai Chi push hands.
Zhang Jie - Master Zhang Jie is an expert in Bagua, Wudang Tai Chi, and Tui Na massage. From him I learned Dayan (Wild goose) Chi Kung and Tui Na massage, which is a healing massage.
Hyunoong Seunim - Master Hyunoong Seunim is a Korean Zen Master and a Taoist Master. From him I learned Kouk Sun Do, a Korean Taoist Yoga.
Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj - His title means King of the Yogis. Shivabalayogi initiated me into his form of sitting meditation.
Alexander Everett - Alexander Everett is considered to be the father of the human potential movement. From him I learned Mind Dynamics and meditation. He was an expert in comparative religion and got me started on the spiritual and meditation path.